Friday, August 22, 2003

Off-topic Friday

The big news in Australia is the inprisonment of Pauline Hanson. Accusations of too-harsh a sentence are spinning around she was given 3 years for being found guilty of electoral fraud based on a technical error in registering Pauline Hanson's One Nation as a political party. I agree that the sentence may be excessive but on the big picture I have little sympathy for someone whose policies, ideas and opinions I adamently oppose. I am inclined to be of the opinion that if you don't have the smarts to even register properly than you probably aren't going to survive long in the political arena as evidenced by her tumultous and controversial career culminating in her being gaoled. I also thought her to be a very inarticulate orator - even her maiden speech at Parliament in 1996 got more notice for its shock value than for any great skill in its delivery.

But on a less serious note. Its Friday afterall! Yesterday as I was listening to Triple J, as is my wont during the long working day, the DJ informed us listeners of this site which made me laugh heartily. They have been playing the original of the song on JJJ over the last few weeks which made this new version even funnier. I found another Bush-bashing site that was more scary than amusing. JJJ also had the new Something for Kate album "The Unofficial Fiction" as their feature album for the week. As a big fan of this band I thought I'd just give it a plug. I don't have my own copy yet since they don't seem to be big in Korea but hope to get my own copy sent to me later on.

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