Thursday, August 28, 2003

Last night I had to good fortune to attend the opening of the solo art exhibition of Choi Jinho. The exhibition is on display at the Kyungin Gallery in Insadong (same place as the tea garden behind the Sudo Pharmacy �?도 약국). This auspicious event was attended by the Australian Ambassador and other persons from the Australian Embassy, New Zealand Embassy, the USA Embassy, and more. I very much recommend the exhibition if you are in the area.

Keeping with the last theme over Korea's birth rate, statistics show Korea has a record low birth rate. This is in keeping with the noted inverse relationship between economic growth and birth rates. It would stand to reason that given Korea's rapid economic growth there would be a similar rapid decline in birth rates similar to what is being seen. Many economists and the like lamant the falling birth rates noting that with an aging population economies will be hard pressed to meet pension and social security committments and face a problem of declining competitiveness. However, it is my personal opinion that the problems associated with increasing population levels such as environmental, economic, and social aspects all severly outweigh the economic problems forecasted with a declining population.

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