Monday, September 01, 2003

For Sale: One custom-made Hexagonal Table

The first - and perhaps last - six-way talks have come to an inconclusive and vague ending. Early diplomatic parlance such as "positive start" or "early stages" gave way to the news that North Korea wants to test its nukes out. Some optimists are still saying that this is just the beginning and talks should proceed but it seems that even though the group agreed to meet again, they didn't set a time and now the North are saying there is no point to meet again. They could be right.

New Look Kathreb
As a complete dodo-head when it comes to all things computer it has taken an inordinate amount of time to make some alterations to my website. But since September marks the month that I leave Korea I felt a change to my website was in order to help reflect the changes in my life. I leave this country, which has been home these past five years (six if we count my first sojourn to the nation in 1996) to go to America (land of apple pie).

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