Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Concerning yesterday's blog.....

I found this article at Bloombergtoday and thought I'd attach it since I think its relevant to yesterday's theme concerning the five-day work week. The impression I got from reading the article is this: if the tripartitie commission of labour, government, and business hadn't taken so damn long about working out this whole five day work week matter they would have pre-empted militant labour unions from being able to push through unrealistic, damaging and ad hoc deals that well may end up being detrimental to the economy, and the workers themselves. One scenario from all this could be that organisations, having no legal backing for introducing the five day work week or global standards will bow to unionist pressures which, as the article mentions, are setting their own benchmarks on how to get the five day work week and pay rises.

If a country has a history of militant labour unions then surely government and business should have know this would come about if they didn't take necessary action to a) tie labour to three-way formalised talks, b) get a workabel and timely deal agreed on and legalised to make sure that the unions would not be able to take the action that we have seen. At the end of the day, the companies and government only get what they deserved for not being more circumspect.

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