Saturday, June 07, 2003

Yesterday was Korea's Memorial Day meaning a public holiday. There is something not right about having Friday off only to have to go to work again Saturday morning. Not right at all. However, having a holiday was v nice. I had a few drinks with friends on Thursday night. A couple of places in Itaewon give free drinks for the ladies on Thursday so I dressed up lady-style to take advantage and then stood around very un-lady like quaffing down as much beer as I could. Actually I didn't drink too much, just a social amount. Friday morning I slept in and lazed about and then decided I better do something on my day off rather than sit around. So I headed over to Mount Pukhan to go for a small hike. However, before I could reach the top of the mountain it had started raining, was getting heavier and was somewhat cold. I aborted my plan and descended the mountain. In all though it was a two hour hike which isn't bad. I fell asleep on the bus ride home and was shivering cold. Not exactly how I had imagined my day but the sound or rain lightly tapping against the leaves and the fresh earth smell that comes with the rain made the trip worthwhile.

And today Kathreb has a new link! WBI is the World Bank Institute and the wonderful people that work there have decided to hire me for a month so I am now a "World Bank Consultant" on top of my current job. My job is to do research for them during this time in preparation for a conference coming up that is jointly being done by WB and MPB (hence I can do two jobs at once) and then I will have to help out at the conference itself. The work seems to be quiet large in quantity but given my interest in this field and the fact that the job, though temporary, is a dream job for me, I am very excited.

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