Monday, June 16, 2003

This weekend was the anniversary of the two girls who were killed by a military vehicle last year. There were some protests around downtown, in front of the US Embassy and around the Yongsan Army base. Though I didn't actually see them but I did see traffic being redirected in front of Yongsan on Sunday afternoon. It seems that things were mostly peaceful and nothing like last year's protests.

There have been some harsh articles coming out recently over the Korea issue which in some cases has reduced the debate to mud-slinging and insults directed at the authors of articles and reports. I find this a disappointing trend and reflects, I think, a low brow immaturity that does not need to be present ever in debating issues. My key complaint is those that see an author as being "stupid" simply because the opinions helds are different to their own. Surely one person giving more wieght to some factors in the North Korean nuclear crisis than someone else does not make them stupid, it just means they have a different perspective. Different perspectives should me addressed, considered and countered/refuted but never insulted. I think such mud-slinging is what distinguishes an intellectual from a self-opinionated prig.

Sunday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend an art opening exhibition for my friend's father, Robert Liddicoat. The afternoon was very nice with free-flowing wine and beer and snacks, including salmon - yummy!

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