Monday, June 09, 2003

Roh and Kouzumi seem to have differences of opinion regarding how to deal with North Korea. Despite Roh's slightly more hard-line stance after his return from US he still is not on the level with Japan, which is pushing for greater efforts and is, indeed, taking them. All this is coming on the back of Roh's first 100 days in office. It would seem that is vacillating stance and recent troubles with labour unions and the weakening economy are not not making him popular. He will have a fair bit of work to do to pull up the opinin polls from their current lows.

The weekend was a bit of a non-event with not too much happening. I did manage to go out on Saturday night to Geckos with some friends who came up to Seoul from Daegu. Sunday was spent lazing around followed by an early evening jog around Namsan. and of course I caught the Uruguay V Korea soccer match on tv though Korea didn't win.

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