Monday, June 23, 2003

A few weeks back I was bragging to my friend about my temporary position at WBI (link at left). But I didn't get quite the reaction I was looking for. My friend, who holds many opinions the same as me, gave me the standard speal of how these instutions along with corporations and corrupt governments are supressing the people, and perpetuating poverty in pursuit of their own selfish and greedy amibitions. I pondered this matter.

A week ago my flatmate returned from Canada and showed me a book he had purchased entitled, "The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen". Although I have only read a little of it, you can well guess the gist. It talks about the linkages between profit seeking corporations and governments and the moral and ethical vacum they have created in order to bring about the policies and business environment that suits them and have abondoned the ideals of democracy and equal society as the pursue the mighty dollar.

Last night I watched Bowling for Columbine, the documentary by Michael Moore. As many people probably already know, this film delved into the gun culture and fear mongering that occurs in modern USA. This documentary gave me less to think about than the other two mentioned events. Mostly because I already agreed with the premise of the film and think that the gun culture in America is absoute insanity.

Culture note
In Korea the room salon culture has been pretty much out of my area of expertise. The overarching reason being that, as a female, I am not taken to such places and therefore my knowledge of them has been almost all second hand. I did get to enter a room salon last year but the host of our group instructed the staff that no girls be brought in and that a male serve us. This lasted about an hour, at which time I was sent home so they could get the girls in.

I had my second chance to visit a room salon just last weekend. This time, the girls were brought in. I have two observations on this. These prim looking, conservatively dressed girls didn't quite fit the image I had of room salon girls. Secondly, after getting a job in Korea it took me a while to get used to seeing my boss and other superiors get solvenly drunk and still respect them in their professional capacity. I have since managed this and am able to better distinguish the drinking events from work. But now I don't know how long it will take for me to make a similar distinction for my married co-workers who had their arms around girls they didn't know while their wives sat at home waiting for them. While they didn't really do anything 'wrong'. The didn't do anything 'right' either.

I should add that the link I provided makes them sound a bit more sordid than the ones I went too. Because having said about my trip to the room salon I should clarify that the rooms were nice and tasteful and we did karaoke and drank whisky and we did have fun.

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