Thursday, June 26, 2003

The Cash-for-Summit results are out. And it is not altogether surprising to learn that, in fact, South Korea did pay for the summit. They paid $100 million dollars and one would guess that the cash was not spent on alleviating poverty and hunger for the nation's starving masses. The irony that South Korea probably paid North Korea hard cash that went toward it's clandestine nuclear program which has burgeoned to the current day crises is striking.

Now, though the Chosun wants to tell us that Kim Dae-jung knew the money was being paid but didn't know it was illegal seems almost laughable. How the president of the nation, and progenitor of the Sunshine policy did not know what was going on is almost an insult to his intelligence. Especially given that his Chief of Staff and former tourism minister, Park Jie-won, was the organiser of the fund transfer.

This matter should not be left where it is. The man recieved a Noble peace prize which should be taken away from him with all speed if he is found to be a guilty party in this treason. If the money has gone to propping up the regime which has a nuclear program, if the money was the deciding factor in making the summit happen rather than good will then he has done nothing to promote peace he should have the prize taken from him. If the money has only served to reduce trust and faith in the governing bodies of the country and shown that corruption still flourishes in this country at the highest level, then he should have the prize taken from him. And finally, if the man recieving the prize got it under false pretences and has tarnished the reputation of the prize (though I think this has happened in the past as well) then it should be taken from him.

This scandal is not just national, it is international scandal and not just those few who made the transaction but all involved should be made accountable and should apologise publicly and sincerely.

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