Friday, May 16, 2003

Well by most accounts it seems the summit between president's Bush and Roh has gone well. A joint declaration has been signed outlining areas of commonaliy and commitment to the US-ROK alliance. Articles like this one, this one, and this one all indicate the smooth going of the meeting and that it went better than Bush's meeting with DJ. But I agree with the sentiment, agreeing to resolving the North Korean issue, though no-one knows how is a positive step toward showing the North a more united front. A committment to the alliance to put a good front to the North is critical at this time, especially if they truly do wish to follow a peaceful solution. US on its own does not portray a credible front to the pursuance of peace but the South can give it that.

My parents arrive in Korea today for their first visit to the peninsular. I went shopping for vegetables last night to put in my fridge to give some appearance of being responsible and able to look after myself. Exciting events are planned for their visit, including the must-see DMZ and of course my birthday is next week (I've definitely decided to turn 24 this year).

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