Friday, April 11, 2003

A busy Friday today. I didn't have time to do my usual surf on the internet and as such have not much of worth to post. The only link of interest I found relating to KOREA's economy was from Bloomberg concerning some corporate stuff. Though admittedly I haven't read the articles. But now I have linked them here I will do so later.

The week is coming to a close. The miserable weather does not bode well for the weekend. I envisage no trip to the park. In fact I'll probably spend it drinking. Why? Because for some unknown reason I seemed to have subconsiously decided to become an alcoholic as of this week. The only night since last Saturday I haven't been drinking was Wednesday. I haven't been in bed earlier than 1:30 am and Tuesday's debauched effort didn't see me home until 3:30am!! - on a TUESDAY!! I've still made it to work on time everyday with no hangovers and given my age and known lack of drinking stamina this feat is barely short of amazing. Even for tonight I already have drinking plans.

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