Thursday, April 17, 2003

As of the April 15th, life effectively ground to a complete halt. I was notified that the news regarding my scholarship application which is needed to fund my entry to Stanford (see link) was due "around mid-April" and since the morning of 15th I've been checking my e-mail and re-checking my email repetitively...but the news isn't out yet...or maybe the news is out for those who got the scholarship and not out for....the losers!!??? Oh dear!!

My stress level increases exponentially daily. If there is no news by next Tuesday (a WEEK after mid-April) I expect my hair to be falling out in clumps, my skin to have wrinkled to a raison-esque texture and several teeth to have fallen out. Fortunately I've not been drinking as much as the previous week but I may be taking it back up.

There will be no links and no news and no life until the scholarship is notified. And now I must re-re-check my email.

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