Saturday, March 15, 2003

The people who really care for humanity are not running the countries

After reading so much nauseating stuff about the US's push to garner support for the war on Iraq I began contemplating how little information we are getting about 'the other side of the story'. My concerns about the greater picture of the Iraq situation was further emphasised last night when my flatmate and I engaged in a debate on the power of mass media propoganda and its ability to push just one side of a story. This, using the full force of my formidible ability to procastinate from doing real work, led me to spend the greater part of this morning searching for sites other than mainstream US news to at least see what others were saying.

Now I do not necessarily agree with all the points. In fact, in some cases I heartily disagreed but I felt the issues raised and some facts given have assisted me in getting a clearer picture. Although at the end of my search for today, (as I really must do some work before the day is out) my conclusion is similar to my previously help assumption: none of these people should be governing any people, anywhere. They are liars, they are cheats, they are working in their own self-interest and depend on the ignorance of the masses to pursue their own agendas which all boils down to their aspirations for money and power. Not one of these "leaders" is concerned about people, human suffering, human rights, moral values, principles or 'doing the right thing'. I despair for the future.

So what did I read? Well I read alot and rather than give a commentary to accompany the links I am opting to simply list them down for people to peruse at their liesure. If you go through and read, you will notice how a comment in one article has led me to find the webpage of another site. For example, the Arab news cites Dick Cheney's involvement in the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs so I found their homepage (and discovered that John Bolton is also a member) and another article also about that issue. Other cases like this exist. I have also tried to get perspectives from Arab news and also a bit on the French stance.

The List:
Arab News - Colin Powell
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Jewish Bulletin News
Human Events On-line
Arab News - Al-Quaeda and Iraq
Counterpunch - Israil, Iraq and US
Counterpunch - So you think you live in a Democracy?
Counterpunch - Oil War
Department of Defense - Strategic Assessment
e-Freedom News - France: Iraq has WMD
BBC - France's economic ties to Iraq

Well it was just a mornings worth of work and obviously nothing more than an amatuers search for information and hopefully greater knowledge to understand the world we live in and why. Frankly, after reading it, I lost my appetite, something that rarely happens to me.

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