Monday, March 24, 2003

Its difficult for me to concentrate on anything other than the "War on Iraq". I remain strongly opposed but am inevitably drawn to follow events as much as possible.

Of course the war with Iraq is being closely monitored in terms of North Korea as well. UN is urging talks but I think at this stage both sides, that being US and NK are taking a wait and see policy. The outcome of the war is critical I believe for the future direction of dealing with NK. NK has come out though and claimed the act of agression against Iraq is a sign of their desire for world domination and have also cancelled talks with SK, which probably wouldn't have done much anyway. However, its better to be talking inanely than not talking at all.

Away from war, IMF has released the latest information about Korea's economic circumstances including the results of the Article IV consultations. Its a lot to read and I haven't fully gone through it. I did notice tha IMF put out a growth figure for 2003 at five and three-quartern percent against the newspaper this morning which said the finance ministry was expected just 5% growth. Consulations apparently doesn't mean consensus.

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