Monday, January 13, 2003

The weekend has passed in a fuzzy whir, mostly thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol that somehow fell into my mouth on Saturday night. The good thing being that the party was at my place so I was able to make the short stumble to my room to pass out.

But don't think my whole weekend consisted of just a big piss-up. Before gathering with friends and drinking myself into oblivion I did manage to visit the Seoul Arts Centre to view the Rodin exhibition. I have seen some of his work before at the Rodin Gallery located in the Samsun Life Building, downtown Seoul. I prefer the setting of the Rodin Gallery but this particular exhibition was clearly too big and needed the space afforded at the SAC.

Due to recovery on Sunday I was in no fit state to do anything except watch a video. The downside being that the bits in Spanish had Korean subtitles so I got a little confused with part of the story line.

A brief check of news relating to Korea revealed a few interesting twists. Thousands gathered outside City Hall to show support for US presence in Seoul. This comes after weeks of huge anti-US protests. Its great to see democracy at work like that when two completely opposite views hit the street to voice thier opinions.

On the diplomatic front, NK continues to deny a nuclear weapons program and has sought negotiations through Senator Bill Richardson. This is a hopeful step that could lead to talks between the two countries and hopefully reduce the tension.

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