Thursday, January 23, 2003

Korea News - very briefly

While the NK nuke dispute still rages it does seem that talks are starting to take precedence over brinkmanship. For the South, cabinet level talks with the North have resumed with the South strongly pushing the peaceful options and striving to continue with economic cooperation. The US has sent undersecretary of state, Bolton to Seoul to further discussions on finding a peaceful resolution. The biggest step though seems to be US intentions to refer the matter to the UN Security Council, which may impose sanction, a move the North says it will interpret as an act of war. The drama continues.

Entertainment News
I was invited to see Woyzeck at the Seoul Arts Centre earlier this week. This play was performed in Korean. I missed alot but armed with a rudimentary understanding of the story and concentrating deeply on the dialogue, actions and intonations of the actors, I was able to enjoy the performance on the whole. I would be interested to see it in a language I understand more fluently than English.

Last night I went to Central City conveniently located close to my place of employment to catch Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers movie and what a brilliant and spectacular flick it was. Great stuff.

And finally, in case I don't get a chance to write for a couple of days: This Sunday is AUSTRALIA DAY!!! Hoorah! There is a gala event at the Hyatt for all Aussies (except me who wasn't invited and only found out by coincidence of the event yesterday. Its a great feeling being this popular)

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