Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Dodgey Translations

For the irregular blogspot feature known as "Dodgey Translations" today I decided to do a piece on the weather. Why? Because the length of the article was about right and I have previously learnt vocabularly such as "heavy snowfall", "frozen roads" and the like so I found this article to be about my standard. In fact, I'm a little bit proud to say I used the on-line Korean-English dictionary fewer times than is usually required. Of course that might just mean that this article is even less accurate than previous 'dodgey translations' I've done. But anyway, the real story can be found (in Korean) at Joong Ang Ilbo.

National Outlook from 22nd~23rd is for rain and snow

From the 22nd as much as 5cm of snow is expected to fall nationwide with the mountain areas of Kangwon province and areas in Cheju expected to get heaped with more than 20cm.

The Meteorological Bureau reported that ”a pressure system coming in from the west is going to affect the whole nation bringing rain and snow in the afternoon starting from the western regions” and “until tomorrow snow is going to mainly fall in southern and mountain regions in Kangwon province, East sea and areas on Cheju by and large.”

Accordinly the nation is expected to get about 1-3cm of heavy snow from 22-23. with southern and areas on Cheju Island, and Kangwon provinc, East sea, Ullong Island, Dok Island areas likely to get heaped with around 5-10cm.

The outlook is for remote mountain areas of Kangwon province and Cheju Island, etc to get heaped with more than 20cm of snow.

The snow brought on by the pressure system is expected to gradually head north-west by the morning of the 23rd and by the 24th just some clouds at the most and by mid morning the bottom temperature in affected areas should be around 1-3 Celsius according to the Meteorological Bureau.

A spokesman form the Meteorological Bureau said “the quantity of snow itself is not much but the pressure system but it can freeze roads and pathways” and asked people to concentrate on traffic safety and managing the slippery road.

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