Monday, December 30, 2002

The government has been trying to push the five-day work week for some time now and many people have wondered as to why this has not yet come to pass. The reason is because I work for government and mysterious deities from around the world have conspired to see that the five-day work week will not come into affect until late next year (2003) ie: after I leave government and it no longer affects me. However, one small mercy bestowed upon us from the heavens above is the five day work week "pilot project" which means that one day in the month we are granted a free Saturday in which we prove our ability to enjoy our leisure time responsibly and importantly, to get all our work done by end of Friday. This happy day for December was last Saturday.

I began my two-day weekend full of hope and excitement. First on the agenda o' fun was an evening at the Sejong Cultural Centre to see Gaelforce Irish Dancing Spectacular. It was a nice show with some amazing tap dancing. Saturday was necessarily spent lazing about the house but the evening entailed a drive out to Suwon for a delicious dinner party at a friends house. We all talked late into the night and subsequently I missed the train back to Seoul and stayed the night in Suwon. Sunday aftter making the way back into town I went with some friends into town to catch 취화선 a movie about famous artist Oh Won from the late Chosun period. This movie was really quite good but it dragged on for far too long which meant that in the end I didn't care how it ended I just wanted it to end. And Sunday evening was a relaxing night with nothing to do but read my book.

And that pretty much completed my two-day weekend. Its amazing the difference it makes to the weekend and also to your attitude about starting a new week. You feel so rested and relaxed and its as if you have a life outside of the office. On a final note this two day weekend thing would be especially good for weekends where you drink too much on Saturday evening only to waste your one day free by intermittently sleeping and wishing the Grim Reaper would come and lop your head off.

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