Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Election countdown is on. Just two days to go and the tension is almost palpable with no-one coming into the final leg as a clear winner. Typical of any election there have been myriad issues coming to the fore throughout the campaign and many a twist and turn to keep us interested....as interested as one can get about an election they are not voting in. In these final days the anti-US rallies around the penninsula have gained the most coverage followed closely by the on-going tension between US and North Korea and its implications on the election. However, progress seems to be at an impasse. Despite the hype in some US based media sources over the threat NK poses and the liklihood of escalation in tenstions Japan has called for calm. This is closer to the SK approach which has also been, if not level-headed, resigned. A reaction that is not surprising given the frequency with which "crises" occur in this part of the world.

And just briefly, I inquired after a few of my Korean work colleagues re Roh's pledge to shift the administrative capital to Daejon and found that the matter was laughable. And the unpopularity of the mere suggestion of moving the administrative capital has been further discussed here.

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