Friday, December 27, 2002

Dodgy Translations

The Disclaimer

Again, I have been curious (and free) enough to translate an article from the Chosun Ilbo. Again, the grammar is not great, the meaning fuzzy and the accuracy highly questionable. But its done, it may be mildly interesting to some and more importantly its for practice and its easier to motivate myself to do this activity if I determine to put in on the blog page. If I do it "just for the fun of it" it usually stops being fun and turns into a real burden. If you read Korean you can get the real story (probably no relation to my story) at this spot.

North Korea and America confront each other off as North and South hold 34th meeting

Red Cross recorded this was most ever since 1971

It has been revealed that, despite criticism over North Korea’s nuclear development program being the central issue and resulting in brinkmanship in the North - US relations, since 1971 when north-south talks began after (a) the drought this has been the most talks held.

According to the Ministry of Unification on the 27th there have already been 33 arranged meeting meetings between north and south and since the 25th talks in the 34th meeting has been opened in Pyongyang in the second round of practical discussions over North - South marine cooperation.

An official from the Ministry of Unification said “since talks between North and South began in 71 until now there have been some 400 arranged meetings between North and South and so far this year it’s up by 8.5%.”

Official North-South spokesmen at talks held in 98 said that two discussions were held by Red Cross regarding the delivery of goods; in 99 two meetings discussed South-North loans; in 2000 there were 26 exchanges and in 2001 8 arranged meetings were held. Under the present government talks have surged.

The place for holding talks up until 1997 was China or some other practical third party country though under the present government meetings have been held in Seoul, Pyongyang, Mt Kumkang, Panmunjom, Cheju island and other places.

North-south talks in 1971 were to organise for the search of separated family members which started in 1972 with family reunions on July 4, in 1973 on June 23 peaceful unification foreign policy was announced, in 1985 reports on funerals and cultural exchange visits, in 1992 North-South family reunions, etc and in 2000 there was the historic summit in Pyongyang on June 15.

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