Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Dodgey Translations

The Disclaimer

The following is an article from the Chosun Ilbo and can be found here. My translation is purely for Korean practice and should not be taken as being accurate in any way whatsoever. Nor is the English perfect. But hopefully you can get the meaning. The motivation behind this activity was twofold 1. its for Korean practice 2. I suspect that the English papers do not give all the news that the Korean papers give which means I am missing out on news. Therefore, I try to read a Korean article most days. However, I rarely have time or inclination to sit down and translate and article. But luckily, today I found this very nicely sized article that seemed to be within the scope of my abilities (ie: I didn't read half way through realise I understood very little, get frustrated and give up) and I have decided to share the result of my efforts for other readers who may also be wondering what all (or in this case ONE of) the articles in the Korean papers are (is) about.

Election Commission, requesting investigation of hand phone messages

The Central Election Commission on the 18th demanded an investigation into reports of large quantities of hand phone messages being received asking to know which of the promising candidates they support.

The Election Commission commented that “’Will you be supporting Lee Hoi-chang’ ‘as candidate for the new Korea lets elect Roh Mu-hyun’ and similar text messages are being sent in unspecified quantities to voters indiscriminately and other statements so that the sender and sending method is difficult to confirm.”

Under article 109 of the election rules (law) installation of automatic sending equipment in phones, etc and use of such to send hand phone text or voice messages in large quantities for election purposes is prohibited.

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