Friday, December 13, 2002

As of last Wednedsday I determined to write a blog every second day. I would search the newspapers and find interesting stuff about Korea and then write witty reports on select topics for the benefit/interest/bemusement/bewilderment/annoyance of my avid/interested/bored/confused/irate reader(s). Well in truth I did spend a great deal of time today reading news articles from various web sites but since everything about Korea is talking about the election, US sentiment and scud missiles to Yemen all of which have been commented on to DEATH I thought I'd stay off the bandwagon for this post.

So then I started to prepare an ambitious blog but wasn't able to finish it in time to put up today. Hopefully by next week I can have it ready. It is part of an idea to put more effort into my blogging in the hopes that it will result in more interesting blogs. But it didn't help me with today's blog.

So then I thought I'd write something interesting that I've done lately but that came up a big fat blank and that served only to depress me.

So in the end, I have written the requisite blog but not as it was originally intended.

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