Friday, November 22, 2002

Wednesday 20th was a bleak and rainy day but that was not going to deter my friend and I from making our way out to the World Cup Stadium to catch Korea V Brasil in a friendly soccer match. Although I was cheering for Korea I had money riding on Brasil (practicality over emotion in betting). It was great match with a great atmosphere. That stadium really is a great venue. And of course the whole thing was made even better when Brasil scored the winning goal � making me a winner too!

On Tuesday I met a boy for lunch. I kept this a secret from people at work as I didn�t want to have to explain but it turned out that some big group from the office saw me anyway. During this week I�ve had people teasing me that they saw me with a boy. Oh well, just goes to show that you shouldn�t keep secrets in the government. Anyway, now its in the paper and all the details of what me and the boy talked about over lunch are here.

So the next big appearance during my fifteen minutes of fame is this coming Monday when you�ll be able to catch me having a Heart to Heart with Ahn Jung-Hyun. I�m a little bit worried about this one. I tend to get nervous when there are lights and cameras and people looking at me. I have visions of Patsy from AbFab when she was on TV and froze up. Please send all fan mail to the given email account in the left hand column. No hate mail, that would hurt my feelings.

But enough of me. Lets take a look a brief glance at goings on in Korea. Society takes another progressive step for freedom of speech. I think its great to see this movie being accepted in Korea. Doesn�t particularly strike me as something I want to see but still its good to know that its available for anyone who does have an interest.

And in economics there is news of the credit crunch in consume spending in Korea. Personally I tend to think comparisons with a pre-crisis situation are a little exaggerated. Korea became a victim of a crisis sparked in other countries I doubt very much Korea will be the trigger. The fundamentals are too strong and the reform momentum is still proceeding well.

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