Monday, October 28, 2002

This last weekend was the much anticipated Apple Festival in Chung-ju. The event was a rip-roaring success. A little bit chilly I'll grant but such a beautiful clear day in the province. The course ran along the outskirts of town which gave absolutely spectacular views of Wolaksan in full Autum colours of red, golden, brown and green. For my part, I ran the 10km race in 53 minutes 38 seconds well inside my 'less-than-one-hour' target. My friends who joined me all came in before me but only by a couple of minutes.

Following this gruelling feat we headed over to Suanbo Hot Springs to ease our tired muscles in a hot spa....very hot spa as it turned out, even the "warm" bath scalded my delicate skin. Duly rested we then sat down to a large feast of 삼겹살 (barbeque pork that is very fatty and very yummy). And then it was then time to face the traffic and head back to Seoul. But what a great way to spend time with friends and see the country. What a great day!

News now is that there is an In-line skating marathon (22km) coming up at Ilsan in two weeks and a 15km run at Hannam City in three weeks. No details (or links) for these as yet.

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