Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Prime Minister candidate number three looks set to face a rigorous hearing from the National Assembly regarding alleged tax evasion. The Special Hearing Committee is likely to delve into the earnings of his children asserting that Mr. Kim channelled money into his children to diminish his own asset holdings.

Two key points need to be presented here. As I have opined in an earlier blog, it would be a miracle comparable to the economic development of this country to find a person of Korean nationality worthy and “clean” enough to pass the scrutiny of these Special Hearings. As good as such hearings are for democracy, at present they are only serving to highlight how unworthy the candidates are of running government. What's the point of having a democratic government when those in power are still as corrupt as someone who was not popularly elected or approved? The end result is still a corrupt leader serving their self interest often at the expense of the common good.

My second point is that with less than two and a half months until the Presidential elections, the limited-term ceremonial job of Prime Minister under the current administration lumbering under a lame-duck president is a pretty thankless appointment. Especially when you have face a hearing committee which has already highlighted the corruption and unethical behaviour of the two previous candidates in a way that is publicly humiliating. This becomes all the more appealing in a strong Confucius society that frowns upon loss of face.

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