Friday, October 04, 2002

First and foremost I must apoligise to all those poor people I collided into during yesterday's rollerblading event. The whole speed control thing was quite beyond my blading expertise, I'm sorry. But I promise to practice more and get out there and keep trying till I get at least marginally watch out. But wasn't it just beautiful to get out and enjoy the day in Seoul yesterday?...after the rain cleared and temporarily blew the smog away. You could almost breathe.

This weekend the best looking and most popular person in Seoul (me! - who did you think?) has decided to grace the bustling fashion hub of Daegu with my presence. The info given about some of the mountains looks appealing but we'll leave that 'for another day'. This time I am visiting friends (yes I have some), but unfortunately this trip coincides with my resolution to give up alcohol between now and the Apple Marathon 10km race to be held on the last weekend on this month. But, I won't let that stop me from going out and making a fool of myself on Saturday.

Hobbes once said: "I like to say "quark"! Quark, quark, quark, quark!" - thats so funny I might use it as my pick-up line on Saturday night. Yeah - classy!

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