Monday, September 30, 2002

This Thursday South Korea celebrates Foundation Day. This day remembers the mythological beginnings of the Korean peoples and how they came to inhabit the peninnsula. Although the origins of Tangun's kingdom are actually in North Korea and the North Koreans celebrate this event on a different day it's still a great day to recall the story and reflect on the long history of the Korean people. The fact that Korean have a national holiday to remember this legend is a stark reminder of the importance of history and culture in defining a people and how their ancient beginnings still today reflect so muc of who they have become in modern times.

So what is the best way to celebrate Foundation Day....of course, it is by donating time for the good of the nation and to charity by participating in worthwhile events like the Hope Worldwide Korea runathon to raise money for tuberculosis suffers in North Korea. Rollerbladers are welcome to join in as well....coooollll!!! I'm for blading on Tangun Day!

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