Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Third time lucky? Presidential nominee number three for prime ministership has been announced. One Mr. Kim Suk-soo has heeded the call of the President and elected to brave the hearing of the National Assembly which has thus far ignomiously ousted the previous two nominees. But things this time are looking positive, though its early days. Articles like this one, this one and this one, fail to highlight any possible real threats that could lead his rejection. Finger crossed. With less than six months to go, the outcome of filling largely cerimonial role becomes a rather dull event. Whoever finally gets the position will only be in long to put a family picture on their desk and it'll be time to leave. No matter, its still gratifying to see democracy develop through the rigorous screenings which the nominees are being subject to.

In the meantime...back at the ranch....there are bigger fish to fry. Of course, I'm refferring to the upcoming presidential elections. The final line up of candidates is not finalised yet but the situation to date show several figures manuvering to get themselves in a strong position to run. As the article suggests, there is likely to be several big changes as coalitions are formed and broken and no Korea election would be complete without a new party being formed from the ashes of a discredited one. The MDP will shortly be no more, in my opinion, and a new party will rise in its place. Knowing Korea there will probably be a compeitition to give it a cutesy name, slogan and/or mascot.

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