Wednesday, September 25, 2002

See-ya Later September - Weekend Plan

Saturday 28th September - Pop Concert

Concert night to enjoy under the stars
We'lll have to walk we don't own cars
This invitation extends only to the sane
People of class, demure and urbane

After the show its time to move from the park
From family crowd to seedy pub; hazy and dark
Where we'll drink and dance and all get mellow
Thanks to the company, the beer, the soju and jello

Deoksugung Palace Concert

Sunday 29th September - Caribbean Bay

Days are dragging on so slow
Nothing to do and nowhere to go
So sick of being bored, tired and lazy
Want to go out, go wild and crazy

To Caribbean Bay where the season is over
No drinking allowed; we'lll have to go sober
Squeeze into our cossies and enter the fray
Loud and looney no matter what people say

Caribbean Bay

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