Thursday, September 26, 2002

North Korea is postively abuzz with activity these days. On the international scene, the recent talks with Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi led to an admission on the fate of Japanese abductees...they're mostly dead. But the important thing is that NK admits it. This may pave the way for more talks and negotiations on normalising ties between Japan and NK....However, it is the view of this humble typist that the road to normalising ties from the historical enmity will be a long and difficult path. Beijing may benervous but I doubt that is actually worried to any extent about better relations between Japan and North Korea.

And just to prove that long-time big brother figure China still has pride of place for Koreans, Chinese Yang Bin has been selected for the (overly) ambitious project of developing Sinuiju Special Economic Zone. Good luck, mate!

And amongst all this activity and more we now have James Kelly on his way to hold talks with North Korea. After months of delay and recalcitrance on the part of the US, in the immediate wake of talks with Japan, America suddenly announces a planned visit. Just to make sure America doesn't get left out of the game and to make sure the North knows that as part of the 'axis of evil' they could be in Iraq's place if they don't buck up and do what their told. At least USA is not sending hard-line bafoon John Bolton in to make unfounded commentary on NK weapons trade.

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