Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It happened like this.....

I was reading an article in the paper (I would link you to it but I forget where I saw it - I think it was Korea Herald or Korea Times) that talked about an incident involving some US soldiers who got on a subway and happened to find that they were sharing a carriage with a lawyer representing the families of the two young school girls run over by a US truck. The lawyer, and others were on their way to a rally for the girls. Now a heated debate broke out in the carriage and one fiery young American hit the lawyer and gave him two black eyes. But this was not a smart move because he was soon set upon by other rally participants who restrained him and delivered him to a nearby police station.....That was basically what I read.

And then, that very evening on the US Armed Forces Network TV news program the announcers tells us that US soldiers were 'attacked' by South Koreans and one of them was 'kidnapped' by angry locals!!!!

Its good to know that you can trust the media no matter which source to give you the facts without sensationalism or gossip-mongering.

Which story is true...well the debate is just hotting up. We have the pro-US opinion here. But I think that goes too far. Koreans are not easily provoked and though in this case they may have been not pleased to see GIs I would be surprised if the GIs had not provoked this incident. Americans are taught to keep out of trouble...why did they stay in the area? Why didn't they just turn a cheek and walk away...afterall they probably couldn't even hope to communicate effectively with each other due to language barriers. The Koreans may be giving a one-sided view but the US certainly can't claim the moral highground. If you get stuck in a fight and people take you to the police station, obviously this will be done against your will but it is absolutely ridiculous to call it "kidnapping"...oh please!

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