Tuesday, August 27, 2002

The National Assembly is in the midst of ousting the second Prime Minister-elect Chang Daeu-whan in just a few weeks. Media mogul Mr. Chang is being interrogated over evasion and other cases of law breaches. The whole on-going saga of finding an appropriate prime minister to fill the post for the remaining four months of the incumbent administration is proving more trouble than its worth and gives rise to one rather pertinent question....is there ANYONE in this country with the credentials to fill the post? That is to say, the laws that have been breached including tax evasion, falisfying addresses and other information to boost the chances of their children's education, and dodging mandatory military service for their kids are actions so rife in this country that anyone with political standing is likely to have committed one or more of these deeds. The presidential candidate of the GNP, Lee Hoi Chang has assisted his son to evade military service, two of President Kim's sons are in gaol and under investigation. There isn't even a clean President, so can we expect to find a clean prime minister?

Am I the only one who thinks its a bit dodgey that the government that conducted a massive investigation into the media dealings and imprisoned several leading media moguls then turns around and selected one of them to be prime minister? Do we assume the MDP was unaware of his dealings....after conducting such an intensive investigation only last year in media tax dealings? Do we assume the MDP is ridiculously stupid? I'm not sure which of these options is right or if there is another suggestion that would clear this matter up but it seems almost surreal at this point.

It also seems that Mr. Chang is about to be rejected. I wonder who'll be the next lamb to the GNP dominated slaughter house, otherwise known as the National Assembly Special Hearing Committee.

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