Monday, August 05, 2002

May 21st happens to be my birth date. And coincidently May 21st, 2002 is the day the Seoul Museum of History had its grand opening. This new museum to hit Seoul is truly one of the best museums I have ever frequented. In just a couple of months it has already recorded over 100,000 visitors and is well deserving of such patronage.

Located in a modern building on Shinmun-ro (신문로) the permanent exhibition is well beautifully and meticulously arranged to make maximum use of space and light. The focus, as the guide tells us, on the exhibits rather than merely to display items, is extremely well done. The use of audio, visual materials in combination with the touch corridors to sample the items and the info-bridge where you can access masses of information about the history, culture, economy, politics and traditions of Seoul in the language of your choice, make this a truly informative and entertaining museum. I could have well spent much longer than the two hours I was there.

The key highlight that deserves a special mention here is the wall display in Gallery 7 Cultural Heritage of Seoul: Science and Literature. This is a massive collage on many joined tiles which decorates the entire wall and is also the picture on the cover of the information brochure. It deserves a few minutes of your time to wander along and take in the many scenes it depicts of science and literature development in Seoul.

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