Saturday, August 17, 2002

15th August in Korea is Independence Day; independence from Japanese rule that is. for this welcome day off I got up early to take full advantage of my free time. Although it was a slightly smoggy day I decided it was a good idea to go for a power walk. Afterall if you waited for a clear day to do some outdoor exercise in Seoul you could be waiting a long miserable time. And I am now officially in training to prepare for the 10 km run that I will participate in as part of the Apple Festival in Chung-ju this coming October. I did the 10 km run in the Seoul international marathon last year and will be aiming to better my time from "extremely slow" to "not quite as slow as last time". Since this will be only my second such race I think a PB is possible. But I digress, this is about Independence Day.

For this Independence Day, North and South Korean got together to celebrate this day. Don't quote me but I think it was Independence Day last year when the South sent some people up North which caused a bit of controversy when the Southeners were deemed to have behaved inappropriately and were a tad pro-communist. Perhaps thats why they got the Northerners to come here this time.

And of course, also on the day was the K-league All-star game at the World Cup Stadium. I joined a crowd of over 65,000 to watch this much touted match of Korea's best players from the K-league. It was a cool overcast night and the festivities started in fine form as the players were introduced to the crowd with much hype and cheering. the first half kicked off and it was a pretty good game, both sides fairly even though a little reckless in some of their plays. But then came the second half...what a whitewash. The Central team absolutely thrashed the South Team by 6:1 thanks to four goals from Sasa. Still, it was an enjoyable night out and the laser light show at the end was rather impressive to boot.

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