Wednesday, June 05, 2002

OH Yeah!!!!! World Cup is THE greatest thing in the whole wide world!!!! Okay so the Eve Festival which I got to attend was pretty miserable cause of the weather but the fireworks were cool....but since then its been one HUGE HAPPY party. Senegal upset over France at the opening match was watched at Gekkos over a couple of beers and then Saturday night was the night to mingle with the tourists - good luck to Germany, what a swell bunch of guys. River Park on Sunday was the stage for the most SPECTACULAR fireworks I have EVER seen in my entire life. I never realised fireworks could be like that, I had goosebumps!!! Monday night was a trip to the DRUM FESTIVAL which absolutely rocked. Those Brasilians can play the drums!!!

And of course.....last night was Korea's big match. I made my way over to 대학로 (University Street) where there were THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of people all decked out in red t-shirts (including me). There was so much phone traffic the lines weren't working and it took an hour of frantic searching and desperate calls to find my friend. We had time only to sprint around to find a tv screen to watch the match and grab a beer. WE MADE IT....What an absolutely spectacular performance by the Korean team - a well deserved win.

The match ended and street ERUPTED into one big party!!!! We were jumping and chanting and screaming and waving flags and dancing and taking photos all together - friends and strangers alike. It was one of the most AMAZING events I have ever been party to, it was electric!!! There was no catching a taxi, the streets were jam packed, there were no trains, it was nearly one am, there was no choice but to walk to my house....on the other side of Namsan MOUNTAIN. Two hours later, my feet sore but my spirits still high, I stumbled in the door of home sweet home....and fell promptly asleep. Today we fly to Pusan in time for the France and Uruguay match tomorrow night on the first leg of WORLD CUP MEGA FUN KOREA TOUR.

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