Tuesday, May 28, 2002

WorldCup 2002. This is exciting stuff. When I first came to Korea in 1996 I never imagined I would be here (still) in 2002. The atmosphere is electric, the itinery is planned for my WORLD CUP MEGA FUN KOREA TOUR . One month, three World Cup cities, two games and many events and activities, not to mention the mass consumption of local potables and the chance to meet many o' football fan.

I have not as yet conducted an exhausitive search for World Cup special editions but have started with Time and Newsweek. The New York Time's Don Kirk and others have put out some information on stuff to do in Seoul and the Seoul Metro Government has also got some information. Note the contradiction between NY Times and Metro Seoul. One says the fireworks are every Saturday and the other says Sunday. I'm trusting the Metro which notes Sunday as the day for fireworks by the Han river.

Roger Moore arrived today and will be taking a cruise down the Han with a bunch of kids on Thursday as part of the World Cup eve celebrations. Lets hope for better weather than we had today. That river cruise is a bit overrated, the only view is uniform apartments and three hours of that hardly sounds appealling. Better him than me. Hopefully the entertainment at Jamsil and Peace Park will be more up-vibe and interesting than the cuise. And lets not forget that all festivities are taking place with the *comforting* thought that Korea has surface to air missiles at the ready around all stadiums to protect us against any potential terrorist attacks.

The only problem: I don't own a tv which means I am doomed to spend every evening roaming the streets and watching the games on any of the big screens set up around town.

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