Friday, May 24, 2002

Time's has an article this week about Korea's Dirty Dozen. An interesting read about South Korea's dark spy history. And admittedly something I know very little about. It certainly seems that more and more tales exposing (South) Korean and US war tactics that fall well short of our heroic soldier ideal. This report comes out in the wake of the No-gun-Ri controversy and other books popping up that pertain to certain battles fougth during the Korean War.

I can't help but think its a good thing for these stories to come out. It is niave to assume that in war there are "goodies" versus "badies". Both sides fight to win, both fight to the death. The narrations of those who witnessed history should be heard so that we can come to have a greater understanding of what happened, of what both sides did, of what we should never do again. War is hell.

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