Wednesday, May 08, 2002

A couple of months ago a main topic of conversation around Korean office watercoolers was Korea's dog meat eating "culture" and particularly a certain controversial conversation between Bridgette Bardot and a Korean talk show host. The little chat came to an abrupt end when Ms Bardot hung up the phone because she refused to talk with a liar after the Korean host had the gall to point out to her that foreigners have been known to willing sample this delicacy and even enjoyed! it.

Around the same time the dog meat industry was actually articulating its plans to promote dog meat to foreigners during the World Cup. Afterall its perfect timing, dog meat soup being a meal best enjoyed during the sweltering summer months in Korea. And better yet, its a food believed to provide stamina and who needs more staying power than a bunch of World Cup fans, cheering all day in the hot sun. Sure you have energy drinks like powerade, gatorade and sweat (although the colour is offputtingly similar to the name) but its not quite the same and its certainly not as 'cultural'.

Me? Why no, I've never tried dog but I've heard good reports from many o-foreign friend.

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