Saturday, April 13, 2002

Is soju the soul of Seoul?

The article in FT by (much respected) Andrew Ward concerning Korea’s A1 soju company Jinro is not the class journalism I expect from Mr. Ward. The quote from Mr. Jun that “It would have been impossible to close Jinro down [because] the Korean people would not have allowed it,” is an obviously bias comment from an employee of the company. As long as soju remains on sale at bargain basement prices, I doubt that many would care who actually owns Jinro. After all, it sold its beer unit to Coors back in 1992 but Cass remains.

Further, the suggestion that soju is “tasteless” makes me think Mr. Ward has never tried soju or perhaps the kimchi has rendered his tastebuds useless (it’s been known to happen).

But the best part of the article was saved for last when the potential of sales during World Cup is brought up. A whole article could be devoted to the impact of a soju campaign for World Cup. I can’t wait to see a soccer hooligan hyped and juiced up on too much soju storming down the streets of Seoul. Let the Games begin!!

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