Monday, April 15, 2002

Ambition to leave Korea - the setback

As the blurb (see left) indicates, it is my current ambition to leave Korea. Actually, my ambition is to be a Korean specialist and to do so I believe the next step for me is further study. I applied and was offered places at Stanford and Columbia to do Asian/International postgraduate studies. Yay!! But I just found out that my last hope for financial assitance was rejected. Now what will I do? This question has been spinning around in my head for two days. I thought of trying to defer but according to my calculations another year of rigid saving on my meager income would be insufficient to earn as much as I would have gotten from the scholarship. I could spend the year saving and re-applying for scholarships and then re-apply to the universities but .....I'll need to think about that one, its a big ask. Its already been eighteen months since I embarked on this endeavour and another year more with no guarantee of success.....its a big ask.

But if I don't go after my dream...what will I do with my life?

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